Free Institute Management Software to Know how easy is this – DIGI Master

Just Imagine! You are in Your Cabin, and someone is Monitoring all your Staff & Students. How Will you feel if you don’t need to go in every class and punish your students for their wrong activities? How is this , if your all students will be Mature/Disciplined without any Punishment?

Do You Expect that all above imaginations can be true? Answer is yes! We have a solution for all of your Problems. Our DIGI Master is all in one solution for all your Institute Management Problems.

This will not only store your Students, Admissions, Teachers and Books Records but also make your all staff and Students very punctuate and disciplined. You just have to store few data in your DIGI Master at the beginning and then only have to take a cup of tea in your cabin, Rest will be done by DIGI Master will automatically. This Digital Master will automatically train your staff to be Honest & Mature. Our Students and their parent’s are now aware of all their activities & Punishments, everything is now automatic, So they cannot ignore that they will not be punished.

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school management app!

School management app! “On Skyshine” Tips and Tricks…

 School management app “On Skyshine”  is basically for school and its management because this is really  tough task done by the administrator, although it is becoming easy day by day with the advance technology such as online cloud facility, mobile application and softwares .

Here with this article I am going to inform you about the school management app,yes you heard it right,now skyshine is coming up with its new advent of mobile application.

Now we are moving towards our mobile development as mobile is being the most usable gadget among all and we spend much of our time in cell phones.So with this idea we are deploying our school management app,which would be friendly as well easy for the user to use.

School management app

School management application would comprise of every promotional field which is required for any school to bring their reputation to a level higher and with this goal we are building up this app!. This app is worth using and for more updates on this application you can directly contact us 

We have softwares also for the management purpose and to know about our software you can visit our site.We at skyshine provides you all the services with minimum expense.

Our main motto for this application is the proper management which is highly required for a school,as we know that “The future of this country lies in children’s hands and these hands could go in correct direction under the guidance of their  parents and teachers”

So with this point of view we are trying to bring such an app! which could fill the gaps between teachers parents and students and connect them through this technology

Tip:This app is mobile friendly and is available in offline mode also,so their would be minimum expense of internet.

Now lets comprehend this app with its most common covered distinctive attributes.

Notice board:-We are trying our best to provide you all the essential things which is included in notice board of the school.Every upcoming events will be notified to the students through the dynamic feature included in the system.

Time table:-Deciding the schedule of school according to calendars,holidays,days and including teachers availability.All these things matters when we make the regular time table of a school but with the automation we are providing with our app,everything will become so easy for the management.

Attendance:-The attendance on pen papers are now bygones,teachers in smart classes are now moving towards technology and with its advent its becoming efficient for the staff to manage the attendance and report of any student.

Fee activity:-Fee is the most important part of school when it comes to the finance and its bi-directionally dependent on school as well as on the student’s background.So it becomes very important that school should keep their fee structure minimal and we also provide our services at minimal cost.

Note:-Our app does space optimization your system easily and app updation time is also very less with lesser data consumption.

Easy access of everything with our app! you are definitely  going to get whatever you basically expect from a school “from the attendance to the report cards “everything is embraced within this application.

You can read our post on school management system and their you could get additional information about our packages and services,this post was all about the mobile app but our services are not limited with apps! We have a lot more so all the interested people are requested to visit our site.


School information management system, just check out! here.

 School information management system( SIMS)  aka is the most usable system in world wide.Every other school we see is developed with its own terms and condition,but to match up with this existing world of technology we require specific kind of automation is’nt it?

Here is the tool we need which can provide such technological magic to the entire  school system with paperless environment i.e.School Information Management System.People are getting infatuated towards mobile apps,softwares,and online systems and our SIMS covers every aspect of it.

We are working with great zeal and energy to provide you such an automated system for the administration which could really elevate your economy from business point of view,the online presence of something as an item automatically builds up its importance and we do that for you with the minimum dime expecting from you.

For every school administration its a change to bring on something new such as automation in many ways such as mobile apps,websites ,softwares and this change is essential as well as beneficial for them.So with this idea we are growing and developing more and more automation for the school management.

None of the business men would diverge them towards something where they don’t get profits so here i would let you know about the features and attributes of this system so that you could also build up your mind set up in taking a step towards our automation.Following are the attributes of this system…

school information management system


1. Effectual and efficacious communication: Yes, the communication among the parents,teachers and children would become easier as through this system you could get message alerts,online chat system and many more features.The time which was wasted in arranging parent teacher meeting would be saved and can be used in some different work.

                                               school information management system



2. Easier way of data storage: The data storage is something which is very difficult from management point of view,but through this system it has been made easier than before.The data backup facility which would contain data of decades would be safe and its retrieval would be smooth and easy.The management view becomes effortless and uncomplicated also.

school information management system

3. Online Grade Book: The reports and results generation is also a headache for the administration and to reduce that to automation is really a good idea.Everything becomes so effortless that we found everything in our finger tips.The entire system takes very lesser time to respond and its friendly for students ad teachers also.


school information management system

4. Better Quality of work:The work is something which is endless and have a lifetime expiry date,funny indeed!.but really we can never escape from the work but with this automated system it would definitely reduce the tough work which is involved in management of a school.It has a lot more other feature required for the proper functioning of the school.

school information management system

5. Paperless environment:The paperless system is really an amazing benefit of this automation.When we work with papers then their management becomes an additional headache but still we have done a lot on this in our past but no more worries of losing those paper, Yippie! its technology who has made the great transition and made it environment friendly.

school information management system





So I think now,the business man would be entirely satisfied with the benefits which this school information management system would provide them.

Lets know more about the modules which this automated system would cover.We have always been familiar with the modules  such as staff management, students management and many more which are included in any school but to get its technological view lets once again go through them in a different way:-

Student management:-Students are the one which plays the vital part in any school,so their management must be done in that way.They are used to build up the reputation of schools and to provide them a platform where they could keep their point of view is really an amazing start .The attendance management reports generation all these play lead role in this system.

Staff management:– Staff and their records related to their payroll is maintained through this software.Staff are required to be managed in a different way,and this all rely on the entire administration.Through this module it would become easy for the system to have a neat and tidy management of their staff related to all aspects of them.

Academic management:-From academic point of view it includes various things like records of meritorious students,fee structure,syllabus all such things will be presented to the user in an online way.To have such a glance of the information automation system,we would give them such interface so that it becomes easy for the entire school administration.

Account management:-The accounting is the most complicated and confidential part of any automation and this feature is included with this software.We have our authentication server which keeps everything in a confidential way. This is not the end we have many more features in this software and many more modules too. For knowing more on this you can contact us! and can also visit our website.

I hope now its all clear to you that how your SIMS will make your administration entirely new and put your business to a next level.We at our premises provides you even other kind of services including mobile application too so if you are really interested in gaining our services keep in touch with us.

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School Administrator can effectively Manage the School and still have a ‘Life’ !

Can we really be dedicated to something we want to achieve if we already are preoccupied with stuff? Probably not.  Oh sorry, let me start with the very beginning. Actually, my talk with a School Administrator lead me to that question while I was going through a quote by Mother Teresa. Continue reading School Administrator can effectively Manage the School and still have a ‘Life’ !

Essay Writing as Batman!

Shakespeare once said, “the pen is mightier than the sword” but do you really give a damn about what Shakespeare said? We are here to tell you a few steps you can take in order to proceed with essay writing and write a kick-ass essay. Just sit back relax and stop thinking about what your parents would say or the society or the neighboring aunty!

Format it first

The first step of essay writing, for basic high school or college level essay you can go with this 5 paragraph format but if you are studying higher than that then why are you still writing an essay? You should be changing the world right now! I mean who studies so much!? Also, this is a standard format we should be following because the reader will get a better understanding as they are used to this format and they’ll be able to find out what is where easily according to their need, in short, you will get better marks!

Go this Way :


Paragraph 1 Introduction

Paragraph 2 Body a

Paragraph 3 Body b

Paragraph 4 Body c

Paragraph 5 Conclusion (something the reader have been craving for ever since he started reading!)

Paragraph 1: The Inception!

You should state argument right here. The Reader should know which side you are on from the very beginning. Try to start interesting so that the reader is hooked and expecting something to come she should be interested in knowing what follows after this. Also, give them the preview of what you are going to use in the essay so that they know what they can expect. For example, if you’re writing an essay about Skyshine, the best tech company in the history of time, then you should start with something that evokes interest in the mind of the reader. For example ‘Research shows that skyshine…’ may work.


Quick tip don’t use passive voice let the essay flow in the active voice. Also, don’t use talk about yourself keep it general so that the reader is hooked.

This is the first paragraph of your essay and it should be as impressive as say Batman (oh god I drool over him!). The Reader will not only know what you are going to talk about but also get the idea of how you are going to talk. Keep it simple, keep it short and then make the last line intriguing as well. Now you can jump to the second paragraph i.e, the Body A.

Paragraph 2: Something that follows Paragraph 1 😉


The middle paragraphs or the body paragraphs should contain the examples which support your argument. The first line of these paragraphs should contain the preview that you gave in your introduction.

You should always use connecting words in the first lines of your body paragraphs. Such as if you’re using ‘firstly’ as the first word of the first paragraph then you should use ‘secondly’ as a first word of the second paragraph and similarly use common sense buddy.


Don’t be too general in the body paragraphs. For example, if you are explaining why skyshine provides the best web hosting services then you should skip that they use 4k monitors at their office. Talk about their website development qualities and that they work magic with SEOs.


Body A it can have the most significant example that is related to your argument and the significance of the examples should get lesser as you proceed with other examples in other paragraphs. Provide them with context and facts about your argument. Here we are writing about Skyshine. Tell the reader that the employees work hard to meet the requirements of the clients, provide the fact that these guys are providing the best quality at cheap rates also the reader should know that Skyshine is the best tech company in the history of the TIME…mic drop.


Another quick tip – use transitional words in order to provide the reader with the continuity or the contrast that you are talking about in your examples. Use words or phrases like furthermore, additionally, in addition to, contrastingly on the other hand etc.


Conclusion Yay!

A good conclusion should also start with the translation work such as ‘in conclusion to’, ‘concluding’ and ‘in the end’ etc. It should provide the restatement of your argument that used in the introduction. It is, of course, the last paragraph of an essay and it can make or break your hard work (if you have done any). In essay writing, try to make it effective and use the opportunity to restate with confidence. Use well-crafted statements.


For instance conclude the essay writing on skyshine as how great their web hosting services, web development, web designing, software development, SEO ranking and internet promotions are! Give your reader their motto that they work until the clients are satisfied and it will leave a great impression in the Reader’s mind at the end. Also did your reader know of Skyshine’s cloud services? Tell them now! They should visit for more information.

Free tips for better Essay Writing!

  • Yet another quick tip for your essay writing! Although planning should be a hassle but plan before you decide to write. Frame the outline of the subject matter, also divide it right and try to make it as eye-pleasing as say, Batman! ( I already told you I drool over him!)

essay writing


  • A tip again! Use the variety in your vocabulary. Don’t repeat the same word, again and again, you don’t have to be a living Oxford Dictionary for that. Just throw a little different here and there.


  • And the best of the best tip is ‘Practice Practice and Practice’, oh well you fell for it? No it’s not the best but it still works, just practice your butt more!

Also, check out!