How to Earn money online with facebook account

Welcome to the Easy Earning Tips of Skyshine Technologies! We are going to show you ways you can use to earn money with us.

What is our Easy Earning Program?

This is a very simple earning idea where you just have to use your Facebook account and share posts of our official page in your timeline. As soon as you start getting likes in your shared post, you get paid for likes. This is neither a tough task nor any fake promise by us, you really get paid for likes and you can do it very easily because you may already be sharing Facebook posts and here is no any new task you have to do, Just do the same and don’t use Facebook for just time pass, YOU CAN EARN MONEY WITH ENTERTAINMENT IN FACEBOOK.

How to Earn with Easy Earning?

Let’s begin earning by the Facebook account with a few easy steps. As you have already read the short summary of how to earn, you don’t even need to know any tricky task to do, you can start working with our first step which you may already know that “Share Post from Skyshine Technologies Official Facebook Page to Your Timeline”. You can also earn in many ways we have for you, but the first and very easy way is getting likes for your shared post, Please take a look below to know more…

Earn For Likes!

Yes! You heard right. You are getting money for just getting likes in your posts, Just follow these simple steps and you’ll see results in your dashboard.


First of all, go to and log in with your Facebook ID. You’ll see a search box above left in your Facebook profile when you log in from Computer or just above your profile in Facebook mobile app. Type Skyshine Technologies and find our Official Facebook Page, open it and scroll down, you’ll see a lot of posts on our page. There are three types of posts you’ll see… Normal Post, Job Post, and Business Post, You may already saw these type of posts while using Facebook. You can find and select your favorite post, No matter you are sharing a normal post for example “Life Quote” or a Business post, You get paid for any type of post you shared. You’ll see a share button below every post where you can click and share your favorite post easily.

Your work will begin and our likes calculator will start adding balance to your dashboard as soon as you share any post. But still, you can follow these steps if you are not getting likes or you want to get more and more likes to Earn More…

  • Always Share post in Public, not in private because a private post cannot be seen by all Facebook users. You will find “Share Now (Public)” option when you click on share button of the post.
  • You can tag friends in your shared post and your friends will get notified about your post so they can see your post if they ignored in news feeds. Definitely, they’ll like your post if they impressed.
  • You can also share your post in relevant groups where you will able to reach more viewers and get more likes. Note: Please Keep in mind that group should be related to post content otherwise your post ranking will go down and you’ll have to work hard for getting good likes.
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