Smart Classroom is No More A Science Fiction!

Quality education has always been an essential part of maintaining the civilized society. Technology has affected us in every aspect and the smart classroom is a smart counterpart to the traditional classroom. Smart classroom helps students in better concept formation, elaboration of the concept and improvement in reading and grasping skills. The traditional approach of lectures and note-taking has become obsolete in today’s age. Modern teaching and learning is the future and we should implement the same. Every student has different capabilities and is not interested in all the subjects. The smart classroom provides enjoyment and an immersive experience in addition to educating the students with better audio-visual lectures.



Learning is not something which you mug up. It’s rather the knowledge that stays with you lifelong. To keep such view, the smart learning plays a vital role. New methods of teaching have been introduced which are known as a smart classroom. It uses animated modules and videos, instructional material and all the major schools are accepting this concept readily. Students are thrilled about the innovation that it brings with it. It has not only made the education interesting but also the students have been benefited as they can enhance the performance.

Smart classrooms and e-learning are revolutionizing the concept of education at once. The smart classrooms are the new generation education product which has students gain knowledge and not just marks.


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  • Teachers can choose from a variety of learning material such as presentation, audio, and video, applications, shared Whiteboards, audio-visual conferencing etc.
  • Visualised lectures make it easier for students to understand the concept.
  • The grasping of the subject matter has become easier with the concept of a smart classroom.
  • Students can actually explore with the help of virtual reality and Augmented reality.
  • A better student – teacher and student-student interaction are possible because of the shared collaborative projects technology bring to the table.
  • Students can plan their studies at their convenience. They can learn at their own Pace and they can revise over and over again.
  • Since they are learning at their own pace they can devote more time to the weaker subjects and can revise them.
  • There are no geographical boundaries that can inhibit the growth of the students from all over the world anymore. The divide between the urban and rural areas are bridged.
  • A lot of tasks can be automated in a smart classroom such as grading the performance of the students, notifying students about their remaining lessons and teachers can have instant access to the information that can supplement the learning experience of the students.
  • The spectrum of the information available to the students can be widened with the help of smart classroom. With internet access students are provided with great exposure to the pool of information available online.


Components of smart classroomImage result for component smart classroom

  • Smartboard – All the interactive whiteboards which take the concept of our black or whiteboard up a notch. The presentation of the subject matter has become robust with the help of smartboards. When a picture or document or a video is displayed on the smartboard, teachers can write on them and provide better knowledge. They can draw, sketch, archive and share any lessons with the students. It is the revolutionary new piece of technology.


  • Smart cameras – Documents can be projected on the smart board with the help of the smart cameras on which they can further work upon by writing or drawing. Instead of printing for every student, now a single piece of document can be shared with each one of them by just scanning it with these smart cameras.


  • Cloud-based Study Material – With the integration of Technology into the classes, the benefit of the cloud has been utilized effectively. The study material can be stored on a remote server which can be accessed by students and teachers, it might also be modified and also the homework and classwork can be submitted online. Cloud is the new big thing and we at Skyshine are already preparing our clients for the same. You can also benefit from the cloud services we provide. Log into for more information.


  • Remote virtual access to the places or the experts – Teachers and Students can plan virtual trips to the places they could not have visited in the traditional classrooms. 3D models can help them go out of the books and exploring the realms of subjects. Also, experts can connect with the teachers and students from all over the world over audio and video conference.


  • Smart study devices – Tablets, Laptop, Smartphones and also e-readers like Kindle are becoming increasingly popular among students. Electronic textbooks and notes can save the students and teachers from the hassle of traditional textbooks. Also, the incorporation of additional study material done in the electronic textbooks can facilitate better learning.


  • Smart applications for institutions and websites – When everything is going online a centralized network inside of an institution can make the documentation and maintenance process very easy. Speaking of apps and website development, we at skyshine can help you out build your own website or application or host the servers or the website. We specialize in SEO, application development, Website development, web-hosting, internet marketing, website designing and what not. Check it out at and experience it yourself! We work until you are satisfied and we work at affordable prices.



In conclusion, it is safe to say that students and adults are becoming more technologically inclined. They are adapting to technology better. A smart classroom is really a smart step in revolutionizing the traditional classroom and the upgrade is worth it, there’s no doubt.

How Dinesh got a Perfect Dream School | School Website

Elementary education is a “building block” for each and everyone’s life. It gives a path for a child to a lifelong learning, a prestigious college education, and a successful career. It all starts with browsing through the school website. You wondering how? I’ll come to that step by step.

You will agree it really is a burdensome task, as a parent to get a school which is just perfect for your child! The process is almost the same, whether someone is getting his/her child admitted to the elementary or primary school or changing the school at an intermediate level. A parent always wants the best for his child so why to compromise when it comes to schooling which is the foundation for his future. Let us initiate with how to choose the best school for your little one.


Steps to choose the Best School for your Child

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The process of finding the perfect school starts with the indoor research. Thanks to the Digitization around the world due to which the process to find a school goes like :

  1. As the need for choosing over a school arises, parents start searching for the schools online. This is what marks the “first impression” of a school. This online search would decide whether to take into consideration a particular school or not. And, basic refinement is done.
  2. Now comes the part where we would reach out to the school a bit more. This can also come under the first step as, from the website of the school we can get the prior information like it’s contact particulars, mission, vision, past experiences, location and what not. So, we get some enlightenment of the school’s philosophy and its service policies.
  3. Guardian must opt a school which will feature extra co-curricular activities, rich library experience and should have a strong inclination towards the advanced technologies for teaching procedures.
  4. Then comes the part where guardian needs to personally seek the campus themselves and look at the details of its environment, staff, and teachers, the pupils there, etc. Parents can also seek students to know more about the school and its activities.
  5. That is the step where you get to know about the school in a much healthy way. Hence done, no one can stop you from finding the perfect school!

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A story of Dinesh and his parents’ search for a Perfect School

I met this child named Dinesh, who was my neighbor while I used to live in the apartments. His parents were quite technology driven. They used to mobile search to get an absolute stamp of confirmation before doing anything new or out of their fields of knowledge. pic unavailableThey followed the exact same procedure and were able to find Dinesh’s dream school within hours. Everything was possible because of the incredible website of that school he got admitted to. The website was inspired by few schools from Western Countries, which initiated the idea of school websites. The school filled its entire aura into an impeccable school website. Due to it, Dinesh’s parents couldn’t resist but check out the school. And no wonders the school was just like his dream school and so he was fostered into that school.

There are many children which are still searching for their dream school. This article was a guide to provide just that. Also, let us give this a look from the schools’ perspective so that each can get online.


First Impression is the Last Impression: School Website

Research and information gathering phase have been made much easier with the help of Digitization. Isn’t it? Its all at your fingertips what you want to know about. So, the schools can be shortlisted easily by seeing their online presence and inclination towards the advanced technologies. The technology has come with the idea of school websites.

school website : pic not available

The school websites (theory about a website for schools) are the way to display the schools’ curricular, study-approach they are using, etc. The website must always be informative so the parents or the children can get all information at one place. It would be a plus for the school website to contain live-visuals of the premises. It will make the site even more attractive and user-friendly.

Adding to that, the students’ database can also be managed on the school website which will make you a part of the digitization revolution. However, managing a website on your own can sometimes be a tiresome activity, but no need to worry about it. There are companies like ourselves which even excel in creating world-class websites  according to your requirements and also indulge in managing your already existing sites. We will be pleased to help you.

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School is Becoming a Better Place with Technology. Here’s how!

There are a number of reasons why technology can enhance our education system the school. Technology is everywhere and if we want our students to survive this era of technology they must know it in school. I will tell you a few reasons why technology is important in school. Even my 2-year-old cousin uses YouTube kids! She learned more rhymes on YouTube then she learned from the books her parents are teaching her from. She would open up YouTube herself and would navigate to the videos she wants to see and would watch them for hours!

No More Rat Race

Not everybody has the same grasping power. All the fingers are different and hence sometimes the students don’t get the most out of their classes. With technology, kids can learn at their own speed. But the traditional classroom makes it difficult to do so because there are a number of students there in the traditional schools and it is not possible for the teachers or the school to give each and every student their independent attention. If the technology gets integrated into the traditional system, children can slow down and go back to the lessons over and over again and learn at their own pace. It also helps the teacher because they don’t have to go through the hassle of repeating their work.

No limitations to the knowledge!

With technology at the disposal of the school, they can teach not just the traditional topics but also everything else that is available on the Internet.
Teachers can come up with creative ideas to integrate different knowledge in the sessions. While learning about something if a student encounters something that they don’t know about, they are stuck with the half knowledge. But with technology, if there is anything hindering their way, it has millions of explanations just a few clicks away.

Image result for Technology

There is no way around Technology


Can you think of a place where there is no technology right now? It is very difficult, isn’t it? And where there is no Tech right now, it will soon reach those dead spots. There’s no way around it! you have to have the knowledge about it and hence enhance the schooling system itself, empower the school and enrich the minds of the children and let them grow with it.


It’s a new way of learning

This generation of students is considered the generation of technological learners. They learn their best when the audiovisual is incorporated when the lessons are more interactive and technology is there to help them. Children often struggle to concentrate on the studies but with technology, the interactive sessions can help them retain their ability to focus and they can better learn faster.


If you are a parent and searching for a school for your child, you must be scouring the web and that is why if you are a school you must have an online presence!
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Technology can help the teachers and students to get along really well

As I said nobody learns equally. We have our own paces. There’s a lot of hesitation in a student’s mind while he is sitting in the classroom. Technology can bridge the gap between the teachers and students because teachers don’t have to explain over and over again as a child can anytime go back to the lessons and learn along a thousand times. Technology helps make learning meaningful and enjoyable and that enables the students to open up more and the teachers to be than just a lecturer. They can be an advisor, they can be a coach and there can be a more emotional connection.


Image result for netiquettes

Heard about netiquettes yet?

It gives the students and the teachers to interact more with their fellow classmates by encouraging collaboration. Teachers and other faculty members can develop their student’s digital citizenship skills and netiquettes. We are progressing online and hence everyone should know how to behave on the net. says ”etiquette is the rule of etiquette that applies when communicating over computer networks, especially the internet.”


Most up-to-date Information

With the Internet, students can access the most up-to-date information quicker and easier than ever before. The mobile technologies are readily available and our networks are getting faster and faster day by day. The traditional learning model is flawed and crippled even if you like it or not but technology is taking over.


Immersive learning Experience

Image result for Immersive learning Experience

The new technology brought us virtual reality and Augmented reality, VR, and AR respectively. If we add this technology to the traditional classroom, we can have the most immersive experience that has ever been possible for students. It can enhance the learning experience and open up new gates of exploration for the student. They can have the most practical knowledge and the school can not only give them bookish knowledge but also shape them into great achievers.

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